Web Camera - High Speed Firewire

Of the two web cams that I use, this one from Unibrain in my favorite.

image Fire-i Webcam Firewire Digital Camera By Unibrain model 2036
The main reasons I like it so much is for the excellent output quaility and for the high frame it acheives without taxing my computer's cpu.

Firewire is the key reason. With this cam, high frame rates take place and move the data effortlessly through the firewire pipeline.

This camera is excellent for iChat and Skype.

My only complaint is that the camera is so light, the firewire cable is much heavier and will tend to boss this thing around. Finding a way to securely mount this camera is a challenge. But the output is so good, it's worth the effort of finding a way to lock this down.

Fire-i Webcam Firewire Digital Camera By Unibrain

Webcam - Cheap Workhorse from HP

If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive web cam that works good with your Mac, I present you with this camera from Hewlett Packard - model GX607AA.

This is one of the two web cameras I use. I use this cam whenever I'm taking stills, talking in iChat or doing any video conferencing during the evening. This camera performs flawlessly in low light environments.

You might ask why I don't use this all the time and it's simply because I bought this cam after I bought my more expensive firewire cam that works great, but requires a ton of light to work correctly. During the evening, I don't want a bunch of lights on me so this cam gets my thumbs up.

image hp webcam gx607aa 12mp
It is a USB 2.0 webcam so make sure your system has USB 2.0 ports. If you're on an older Mac with USB 1.1 ports, you will be disappointed with its performance and should look at a firewire camera instead.

Just plug this into any Mac running 10.4 or higher and the system immediately recognizes it. As I mentioned earlier, the low light sensitivity of this cam makes it a shining star. I also enjoy the easy mount clip and how you can position the camera to any angle with just the simplest of moves.

The base is heavy enough and the hinge tight enough that the cord does not affect how you place the camera. Move it to the position you want and it stays there.

I came by this camera simply by accident but I'm glad it found me cause as the title of this post states, this is an excellent cheap webcam workhorse.

Hewlett Packard 12MP Elite Webcam