Web Camera - High Speed Firewire

Of the two web cams that I use, this one from Unibrain in my favorite.

image Fire-i Webcam Firewire Digital Camera By Unibrain model 2036
The main reasons I like it so much is for the excellent output quaility and for the high frame it acheives without taxing my computer's cpu.

Firewire is the key reason. With this cam, high frame rates take place and move the data effortlessly through the firewire pipeline.

This camera is excellent for iChat and Skype.

My only complaint is that the camera is so light, the firewire cable is much heavier and will tend to boss this thing around. Finding a way to securely mount this camera is a challenge. But the output is so good, it's worth the effort of finding a way to lock this down.

Fire-i Webcam Firewire Digital Camera By Unibrain