Stereo Speaker Sound System

Tired of the tinny sound from your laptop speakers? Maybe you need a nice sound system for your desktop system instead. Whichever camp you fall into, this stereo speaker system by Logitech is an impressive unit sure to make your eardrums happy.

This system was developed for laptops but could be just as easily at home with a desktop system too.

image Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speakers
The side speakers telescope to accommodate a laptop with a screen size of up to 17 inches. Also in the cabinet is a tuned subwoofer for those incredible deep tones. Piping in at 15 watts rms, the sound from these 3 speakers left me with my jaw open. For those of you that know me it takes quite a bit for me to become speechless.

I have yet to invest in a laptop but I bought this system for my home machine which is a Mac Mini. I have my monitor up on a stand and so I placed these speakers just under the raised monitor. This sound system certainly impresses me when I'm sitting in front of it. So too when I'm away from my machine and listening to something from my iTunes library, the sound fills the room nicely and serves up a great audio experience.

Another fav of mine is the built-in USB hub. These speakers are USB powered so having a built-in powered hub is a real nice touch. For laptop users this is especially handy - keep all your peripherals plugged into the hub. Then when you sit down with your machine, just plug in the speaker system and everything else comes along for the ride with that one single plug-in.

Also included with this unit is a webcam stand. Another nice touch for holding your web camera in place.

If Logitech comes out with an enhanced version of this product, I hope they'll include a mini headphone jack on the front side. That way I can plug my headphones in and not disturb my neighbors during one of my late night sound sessions. Aside from that, I very happy with these speakers and give them my Best pick in the USB speaker department.

Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speakers