World of Goo - Most Unusual Game

I want to state right up front that I'm not a gamer. For whatever reason, the computer game bug never bit me. However, I LOVE this game.

image world of goo game box
This is one of the most unusual computer games I've ever come across. This game is a giant puzzle with different layers of difficulty.

I guess what appeals to me most about this game is my fascination with mechanical and structural elements. This is the very essence of this game.

image scene for world of goo computer game
You drag and drop different goo elements together to build structures that solve the puzzle. These different elements have live properties too. For instance, in one puzzle you have to build a bridge that spans a gorge. As you build the bridge, you have to add support to keep it from sagging. One of the goo element you can use is a balloon to help keep the unsupported end of the bridge in the air. As you add more bridge segments you have to add more balloons - but be careful though cause if you add too many balloons, the upward lift will tear the bridge apart.

While playing this game you actually learn a few things and you don't even realize it. As you go from one puzzle to the next, you build up a knowledge of physics and construction dynamics. That sounds boring I know, but it's not.

This game has an unbelievable cool factor. Still not sure if you might like it? The authors are ingenious here too, just download the trial version and experience this awesomeness for yourself before buying. The game is so intuitive you won't need instructions either - just start playing.

It's little wonder why this game has won so many awards. A very cool game for a very little price tag.

World of Goo by Brighter Minds