Flash Drive - Big Storage Tiny Package

I absolutely LOVE these devices. They are the best thing to come along since the computer itself.

image flash drive sandisk cruser micro 16 gb sdcz6-016g-a11
What an ingenious way to store files, etc. These things are so small they can hang on your keychain yet have enough capacity to store a handful of high definition (HD) movies.

I made a video not too long ago and I wanted to show it to my family so I uploaded it on this flash drive and took it with me. Every modern computer has a USB port so this was an easy way to take my data with me.

When I got home I erased the data and loaded some other files on it for a client visit the following day. The flexibility and portability is unparalleled. The other thing I like about them is that they are cheap. It's easy and painless to add more storage capacity - simply buy another flash drive.

I have one that I use as a portable backup device. I carry a copy of my password file, my keychain, my address book, and my financial (Quicken) files on it.

In order to use it though, you need to have easy access to a USB port. For instance, the iMac has all the ports on the back of the machine making them hard to get at. For this situation and other where the ports are inaccessible, I suggest a USB hub. With that port right in front of you, you will be more apt to realize the full benefit of this Flash Drive.

I would be lost without mine.

USB 2.0 Flash Drive - 16GB