Airport External Booster Antenna

In most cases the Airport Base Station works pretty darn well. There are times though where it could use a boost. This antenna is a great way to give your Airport Extreme a hand. This is especially true if you need to elevate the signal but can't easily move the Base Station.

Here in the southwest, many homes are built with thick solid walls and there are a lot of stucco walls too. That wire mesh under the stucco raises cane with a wireless signal. This product may just help you solve a weak signal problem.

You can plug this antenna into the back of the AE and then place the antenna where you want. It also makes it easy to experiment where to put the antenna. You can easily move this booster around without having to deal with all the cords and cables coming out of the Airport - something you would have to do if you didn't have this antenna but had to move the box instead.

I find it curious that Apple no longer offers an extension antenna but continues to place a connector on the Airport. Thank goodness for this 3rd party source.

UPDATE: Early models of the AE came with an external antenna connection port. The most recent models however, no longer have this port. It's still possible to add an external to an airport that doesn't have this antenna port but it involves opening up the airport extreme case and reconnecting antenna leads. I don't recommend doing this as it voids the warranty. If on the other hand you are comfortable around electronic devices and your unit is out of warranty, visit this link for instructions on how to attach an external antenna to an Airport Base Station and click on the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page titled 'Installation Instructions. The antenna booster shown here is connected in this manner

image Tri-Band Antenna for AirPort Extreme Base Station 802.11 n

Tri-Band Antenna for AirPort Extreme Base Station (802.11 n)

SECONDARY NOTE: The above booster antenna is not always available. If not available, you may want to consider other ways of boosting your wireless signals by reading my post entitled Apple Airport Antenna Booster Solutions