AirPort Express Base Station with AirTunes

For such a small box, the Airport Express packs in a lot of punch. It's actually a bit difficult to explain what this box does with just a single sentence because it does so much.

image apple airport express with airtunes
Its part wireless access point, part printer sharing device, and part iTunes music sharing appliance. And on top of it all, it's small so that makes it portable too.

Let's look at each of these capabilities.

1)Wireless access point: Use this box to set up a quick wireless network. Plug the Express into a wall socket and then plug in an internet connection from a DSL or cable modem. Now all your Macs with built-in Wifi have access to the internet. This is great for travelers that have more than one computer. Say you and your colleagues are traveling and you're sharing a hotel room with a single internet connection; Plug the internet connection into this unit and now you all have access.
image airport express connectivity diagram

2) Printer Sharing: Again plug the Airport Extreme into an outlet and plug a printer into the USB port. Now you and all those Macs in the area have access to that printer. This is a great way to share a printer. Place this unit and a printer in central location and everyone in your office or home then has access to it - all without running any wires.

It’s the easiest way for everyone in your family or office to share a single broadband Internet connection and USB printer without messy cables.

3) Music: Play the music from your computer's iTunes library through a set of speakers or stereo in just about any room in your home — wirelessly. Just like the printer setup, you plug the express into a wall socket, then connect your stereo or powered speakers up to the audio output jack and you have iTunes playing where ever you place these speakers - all without running wires.

AirPort Express works flawlessly with Apple TV, iPhone, iPod touch, and all your other Wi-Fi devices that use the 802.11a/b/g/n wireless standards.

Big features - Small package.

Apple Airport Express w/AirTunes