Magazine Pick - Mac|Life

Over the years I've subscribed to a lot of different Mac magazines and I keep coming back to this publication.

We all know that print media is on a downhill slide and the Mac Periodical business is no different. There used to be a whole host of material to get your hands on but now there are only two left - MacWorld and MacLife. I've trimmed my subscriptions back to just the one though - MacLife.

image maclife magaizine
My main reason for choosing this magazine is that the content mirrors well with how I learn and work with computer products.

This publication has that young feel about it. Not that I think all young people know everything there is to know, but rather that these guys seem to get the jump on MacWorld in many areas and get the story about a new release out sooner. The people that write these news stories seem to be more informed about the products they look and aren't afraid to call a spade a spade.

In the past, whenever I've taken the advise of MacWorld, I was usually disappointed. They either glossed over a shortcomming or omitted it all together. These reviews usually made me dissatisfied and let down with MacWorld.

MacLife hasn't done that to me. They speak in concise terms and expect you to know something about the topic they're talking about. They never dumb down their writing. In fact there are times I need to do further research to figure out what I'm missing.

Some people might not like that, but I do! I like the fact that this magazine gets the word out fast and then lets you go on to do further research. Having a quick snapshot tool like this is very important to my work.

Neither subscription is gonna break the bank so maybe you should consider both. For me though, I have enough to sort through and therefore want something short and to the point.

MacLife [MAGAZINE Subscription]

Macworld [MAGAZINE Subscription]