Skype Phone - Hand Held Set

As I mentioned in my review of Skype VOIP Service, I think the service is worthwhile and one I use more and more. In the beginning one of the things I wasn't fond of however, was that I had to have my headset handy for whenever someone called me. If wasn't at my desk and a Skype call came in, I would have to rush to put on the headset and operate the software to answer the call. More than once I missed a call because I wasn't able to move fast enough.

image IPEVO FREE-2 USB Handset for SKYPE with LCD Screen White
That went away when i picked up this Handheld Set from Ipevo. It works just like a regular phone. When a call comes in, you pick this unit up and answer. Yes, the software needs to be running on your computer but the phone handles all the necessary functionality.

Some things I need to point out... 1) This is a USB device so you'll need to have a spare USB 2.0 port available, and 2) this handset looks big but it's not. It's around 6-1/2 inches long so that puts it in the cell phone arena. I like this cause it makes it easy to throw into a brief case and take with me. This is great for traveling business people. It takes up little room on my desk too so I like that as well.

A small package that packs a big punch. I like Skype for the money it saves me so spending a ton on accessories would negate those savings. This phone is very inexpensive and will pay for itself in less than one month of traditional phone service.

This is a great Skype accessory - for me it was a necessity.

IPEVO FREE.2 USB Handset for SKYPE with LCD Screen