FireWire Adapter - 6-Pin to 4-Pin

Adapters are good things to have around. You never know when you might need to hook one device to another and need some sort of connection changer thingamajig.

image Cables To Go - 27028 - Firewire 6-Pin Female 4-Pin Male Adapter
This firewire adapter has a 6 pin female conection on one end and 4 pin male conector on the other end - thereby converting a 6 pin male ended cable to a 4 pin male end. In short, this converts from 6 pin to 4 pin.

So what are you giving up with the loss of 2 pins? Power. This adapter should not be used for any firewire device that gets its power from the firewire bus. Chances are that if the device you want to connect to has a 4 pin connector on it, it most likely doesn't get its power thru firewire anyway. I only mention it for those that want to know what's the difference between 4 pin and 6 pin firewire. ok?

Firewire 6-Pin Female 4-Pin Male Adapter