World of Goo - Most Unusual Game

I want to state right up front that I'm not a gamer. For whatever reason, the computer game bug never bit me. However, I LOVE this game.

image world of goo game box
This is one of the most unusual computer games I've ever come across. This game is a giant puzzle with different layers of difficulty.

I guess what appeals to me most about this game is my fascination with mechanical and structural elements. This is the very essence of this game.

image scene for world of goo computer game
You drag and drop different goo elements together to build structures that solve the puzzle. These different elements have live properties too. For instance, in one puzzle you have to build a bridge that spans a gorge. As you build the bridge, you have to add support to keep it from sagging. One of the goo element you can use is a balloon to help keep the unsupported end of the bridge in the air. As you add more bridge segments you have to add more balloons - but be careful though cause if you add too many balloons, the upward lift will tear the bridge apart.

While playing this game you actually learn a few things and you don't even realize it. As you go from one puzzle to the next, you build up a knowledge of physics and construction dynamics. That sounds boring I know, but it's not.

This game has an unbelievable cool factor. Still not sure if you might like it? The authors are ingenious here too, just download the trial version and experience this awesomeness for yourself before buying. The game is so intuitive you won't need instructions either - just start playing.

It's little wonder why this game has won so many awards. A very cool game for a very little price tag.

World of Goo by Brighter Minds

PhotoShop Elements 6.0 Best Bet

When you mention Photoshop, almost everyone recognizes that name and knows what the application is all about.

Photoshop has been around for a very long time and over the years, many professionals have made their livelihood from it. It's a graphics and photo manipulation software product with an unbelievable array of tools and capabilities.

image software product Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 (Mac) [OLD VERSION]
The commercial version is so fully packed with tools that even seasoned professionals will admit that they may only be using a very small portion of what's there. So for someone like us, where we only need to tweak a photo or maybe touchup a red eye or apply a simple effect, the big version is certainly overkill - not to mention way too expensive.

In walks PhotoShop Elements - a very inexpensive subset of its big brother. Still plenty of capability, but without the big price tag and huge learning curve. Well, almost.

Even learning how to use PS Elements can be a daunting task. This tool can do so many things that it does take a lot to learn how to use it, but well worth the effort for those people wanting to make some pretty slick compositions.

I learn best by watching. Because this is such a mainstream product, a lot of people have put together tutorials. Despite the learning curve, there are tons of video tutorials available both on the Adobe site and at other places like Youtube. Watch a video or two and all of a sudden the tools provided in PS Elements seem easy to use.

If your need to manipulate photos goes beyond the realm of iPhoto, you might want to consider picking up a copy of Elements.

To see some of the highlighted features of the application, visit the link below and be amazed.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 (Mac)

MobileMe Online Service

I've been a MobileMe user since it's earliest days, in fact I was a MobileMe user when it wasn't even called MobileMe, but DotMac instead.

That should give you some indication of the value I think this service provides.

image of mobileme software application
As an online service, MobileMe is a bit hard to describe in the short amount of space I have here but to put it succinctly, MobileMe is an online data storage service with the capability of synchronizing that data across multiple computers and mobil devices.

If you have more than one computer, or a computer and an iPhone, etc you really should consider the benefits of this service. Even if you only have one computer but use it to work with critically important data, this again is a service you should consider.

MobileMe stores all your email, contacts, and calendars on an online server--or "cloud"--and syncs them to your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. When you make a change on one device, the cloud updates the others. The sync happens automatically and continuously. You don't have to wait for it or remember to do anything--such as docking your iPhone and syncing manually--to stay up to date.

This service does have one caveat though - you need to be connected to the internet with a high speed connection in order for it to work correctly. If you are still using a dialup connection, you'll need to wait.

As I said, I've been using this service for a very long time and I'm continually finding new ways to use it.

For instance, the other day I had a very large file I wanted to send a colleague. Email would have chocked on it so instead I used the finder and dragged the file to my MobileMe icon. After the file copied to the cloud, I accessed my account and used the share button to send an email message to my friend with a hyperlink to the large file. All my buddy had to do was click on the link I sent him to download the file.

Another way I use this service is to run a backup utility that backs up all my passwords and financial data to a secure folder on MobileMe. Yes, I use TimeMachine to keep my regular backups but what happens if I should get robbed or have a fire? My TimeMachine would most likely be compromised too. But with my MobileMe backups, I can go to any computer (even at the library) and have access to my data.

One last example, I have two computers that I use. One at work and one at home. I'm constantly updating my files with data collected throughout the day. I created a shortcut in the dock that is a folder of all these files that sit in the cloud. As update them, the data is constantly in sync so that when I go home, I can reference the same data and make change to it there as well because I have the same shortcut folder in the dock on my home machine.

Ok, one last example. The same thing holds true for updating addresses in my address book. If I should make a change to an address by updating a phone number, when I get to work or even if I use my iPhone, the updated address with new telephone number is there.

These are just some of the basic things you can do with MobileMe. To find a more in depth review and explanation of what this service is all about, just click the big link below. Btw, for some odd reason, when you buy this service through, you save $10 over the exact same product directly from Apple. I for one like to save money so I use the Amazon approach.

Hope you find this service as useful as I do.

MobileMe Internet Services from Apple