Skype Phone - Hand Held Set

As I mentioned in my review of Skype VOIP Service, I think the service is worthwhile and one I use more and more. In the beginning one of the things I wasn't fond of however, was that I had to have my headset handy for whenever someone called me. If wasn't at my desk and a Skype call came in, I would have to rush to put on the headset and operate the software to answer the call. More than once I missed a call because I wasn't able to move fast enough.

image IPEVO FREE-2 USB Handset for SKYPE with LCD Screen White
That went away when i picked up this Handheld Set from Ipevo. It works just like a regular phone. When a call comes in, you pick this unit up and answer. Yes, the software needs to be running on your computer but the phone handles all the necessary functionality.

Some things I need to point out... 1) This is a USB device so you'll need to have a spare USB 2.0 port available, and 2) this handset looks big but it's not. It's around 6-1/2 inches long so that puts it in the cell phone arena. I like this cause it makes it easy to throw into a brief case and take with me. This is great for traveling business people. It takes up little room on my desk too so I like that as well.

A small package that packs a big punch. I like Skype for the money it saves me so spending a ton on accessories would negate those savings. This phone is very inexpensive and will pay for itself in less than one month of traditional phone service.

This is a great Skype accessory - for me it was a necessity.

IPEVO FREE.2 USB Handset for SKYPE with LCD Screen

Skype - Cross Platform VOIP Service

I love using iChat - especially among other Mac users... For many things though, Skype is a much better option - Skype is iChat on steroids.

For those unfamiliar with Skype, let me just say that this an online service that uses the internet as a giant telephone network. It's a VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) service that allows you to make telephone like calls to anyone in the world.

If the person you're calling is another Skype user and you are communicating via your computer, the call is free. You can also call land line numbers and cell phones as well. Those cost a bit more (than free) but the cost is unbelievably low - somewhere in the range of 2.1 cents per minute.

Just like iChat, you can create an audio call, and you can also talk via a video chat as well. And, just like iChat, you can share your computer screen with the other party. Unlike iChat, that other person doesn't have to me on a Mac to share your screen - they can be on a PC! And as I just mentioned, with Skype, you can call anyone in the world for next to nothing.

A regular Skype account is free and any other services you want to add can be done so with no long term commitments. Skype gets you started quick too by uploading all your address book contacts; A fast and easy way to get up to speed chatting with Skype.

Click the icon to explore ways Skype can help you save money and improve your chat experience.