Color Photo Printer - HP

I have yet to invest in a high definition color printer, but this unit from Hewlett Packard comes with some hefty recommendations from 5 of my Mac clients. No other special format printer is so widely endorsed by my client base as this one is so that's almost good enough for me. What puts me in the camp is seeing the output of these machines first hand.

As I said, five of my clients own these machines. Two are graphic designers, one is and artist, one a photographer, and one is a mom that prints a lot of pictures for her scrap-booking activities.

This is a pretty diverse group and without a doubt, ALL of them love what this printer can do for them... I"ll have to agree, the output is most definitely Lab-Quality.

image HP Photosmart B8550 Inkjet Photo Printer
Nice features include built-in color display for easy menu navigation; all the popular flash card memory formats can be plugged in the front of the printer so you can print directly from them without having to use your Mac. Furthermore, you can print a photograph up to 13x19 inches and/or use the included special paper tray that holds 4 of the most popular photo sized papers. The normal output resolution is 1200x1200 dpi, with optimized output of 9600x2400 dpi.

What's the down side? Everyone agrees that the ink cartridges are a bit pricey but when I ask them if they would buy this same printer again? All said with a resounding voice - YES!

I guess I can't go wrong then recommending this printer for those looking for a high end lab-quality photo printer capable of printing large format photo prints. Who knows, maybe someday I'll get one too.

HP Photosmart Inkjet Photo Printer