Mouse - Apple Mighty Mouse, USB Wired

You and a Mouse should have a very intimate relationship with one another. This device is what you use to control your computer and should therefor be a product you pick wisely.

As you know, not all mice are created equally and what works well for one person may not be the best bet for you. In addition, everyone works a bit differently and so there may be features or options that appeal to you that get lost with the next person.

I encourage you to really study how you work and find a mouse that meets those requirements.

image of apple might mouse wired usb interface
This mouse - the Mighty Mouse by Apple is one I like but not enough to give it my full endorsement. It has a couple of features that I like a lot. It also has one caveat that keeps me from buying it.

The main reasons I really like it is because it WORKS well. It's got a slick exterior that accommodates both left and right handed users. I especially like the track ball on top of the case. You use your finger to scroll in any direction. It seems so intuitive that you can navigate a page with incredible ease. THIS single feature is what got me to fall in love with it.

But as I said, there's one caveat that keeps me from using it and that's the fact that you can't control the "squeeze" buttons with enough control for my taste.

I tend to have a lot of applications open and switch back and forth between them. What I wanted to do was program a keyboard shortcut for the squeeze action to perform a {command H} keystroke (hide application). My old mouse gave me that option and I use that function at least a hundred times a day. While you can program the squeeze buttons for some activities, a keyboard shortcut of your own design is not one of them. This was the deal breaker for me.

As I stated earlier, you need to really figure out how you work when you select a product. This one habit of mine would not work with this mouse.

Other than that I love this mouse and keep watching for the next release hoping that the squeeze function is enhanced. When that happens, this mouse is mine!!

Apple Mighty Mouse - USB Wired