FireWire Active Extension Cable

Firewire is a great high-speed interface protocol. The communications bandwidth is excellent prompting Apple to become one of the first computer manufacturers to incorporate this serial bus interface into their entire product line.

Firewire is great for close connections but if you need to extend the distance between devices, you could run into problems with signal degradation.

I prefer to live within the suggested limits of around 10 feet but sometimes it's necessary to push that limit. To do that, you need to get one of these Active Extension Cables. An active extension cable amplifies and repeats the signal to go that extra distance.

image ieee1394 active extension firewire cable
With this active extension cable, you can now extend your current cable another 16 feet! This is ideal for any situation where your device needs to be placed some distance from your computer. One example might be a video surveillance camera.

Incidentally, you can daisy chain up to 5 of these cables together to achieve a distance of over 80 feet. However, be aware that each time you extend the cable, a potential for interference is introduced.

FireWire 6 Pin Active Extension Cable 5 meter (16.4 ft) long