Yahoo Messenger 3.0 for Mac -
NO Big Deal

Yahoo announced the release of Yahoo Messenger 3.0 for the Mac yesterday...

BIG FRICKEN DEAL!! Who the hell even cares anymore?

Do I sound sarcastic? You bet I do. Yahoo has always treated the Mac user community as red headed stepchildren when it came to Messenger support. Hell, just look at the release numbers to get a clue - 10.0 for windows, 3.0 for Macs.

I left Yahoo long time ago cause of their poor support. It was a painful loss too because the one thing I always liked about Messenger versus iChat was that you could leave messages for your buddies even if they weren't logged in.

Then that benefit was negated when spam grew to such a huge problem that every time you signed on your window filled with a hundred tabs or more of crap messages for people you had no idea who they were.

Since that time iChat has improved significantly and in my opinion, leapfrogged ahead of all the other chat applications. Apple uses the AIM protocols so its possible to chat with everyone now, and in addition, they've added the ability to leave messages for folks that aren't signed in - BUT only if those people are on your buddy list. NO MORE spam. It was a stroke of genius.

Another great feature of iChat is that since the release of Leopard (10.5), you have the ability to share your screen with other Leopard (and now Snow Leopard) users. This one feature is unbelievable - just ask any of my clients that I have where we use it for remote support...

Why anyone would waste their time on Yahoo Messenger is beyond me. Get iChat instead and leave those fools to their crappy product. The only good thing I can say about it is that Yahoo Messenger is free... And in this case, you get exactly what you pay for - NOTHING!