iPad Compatible Keyboards

The overwhelming popularity of Apples tablet has led to an explosion of iPad accessories to get the most out of your tablet computing experience. After the iPads initial launch there was a dearth of add-ons as manufacturers - and even Apple struggled to ramp up production of gadgets designed explicitly for this new product.

Built-in wireless capabilities, and the roaming nature of a tablet computer in daily use, give consumers that freedom to roam. Perhaps most popular are wireless headsets or Bluetooth speakers for iPad to allow audio and music enjoyment unencumbered by a tangle of wires. With high-quality A2DP audio streaming support, full-range stereo audio is possible. Standalone wireless portable speakers are ideal for on-the-go, or iPad speaker dock stations which also combine sync and charging may be a great home or office solution.

For those who do content creation - the addition of an
Apple iPad keyboard is desirable and in particular - there are iPad carry cases that also thoughtfully bundle in a Bluetooth keyboard for iPad as an all-in-one device.

Lastly, lets not forget printing. Apple's support of AirPrint technology has enabled select models of HP printers for iPad to let you get hard copy output wirelessly. With direct AirPrint compatibility introduced in iOS4, you can avoid some of the hacks needed to support printing with ease. All just the tip of the iceberg to a great range of iPad gadgets that will unleash even more of the tablet's abilities.

Frankly a lot of people get frustrated using the iPhone OS's onscreen interface for keyboard input. As with the iPhone and iPod Touch - some users will opt for an external
Apple iPad compatible keyboard for their tablet giving them faster input and typing accuracy. You can use any Bluetooth keyboard for an iPad that you want. Wish that was true for a mouse but the iPad does not recognize any form of pointing device (as of this writing).