Looking for a way to get more from your Mac, iPhone or iPad?

Let me show you how to get the most from your Apple products.

I specialize in Apple Macintosh tutoring. Easily master your computing devices along with all the major apps. I'll explain in everyday language how you can use these tools to work for YOU in a way that meets your needs and makes life easier.

Some of the applications I can give you help with:
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Entourage
  • Apple Safari, Mail, AddressBook, Facetime, iCal, iTunes, iPhoto, iChat, iMovie HD, iDVD, Preview, TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, BackUp, MobileMe/iCloud Alternatives
  • Avery DesignPro, FileMaker Pro, Bento, Intuit's Quicken, FireFox, Chrome, Rapidweaver
  • Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, WebCamNow, ISPQ, Skype
  • CrashPlan, DropBox, Plaxo, Twitter Apps, Xmarks

Get More From Your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, and Apple TV.

Need a personal or business website? I can help you with that too - visit my Site Portfolio page for examples of the work I've done. I can even get you set up on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and a number of other high profile social network sites and demonstrate the business benefits of being there.

Thinking about how you can use iCloud? There's a boatload of tools available to make that investment even more useful - let me show you a few.

Do you have a backup strategy in place? It's vital that you have one, and
yup - I can help there as well.

Looking for top hardware & software picks? Visit my new page Suff-For-Macs and find my personal recommendations on a bunch of Mac products - from Keyboards to Hard Drives.

On the Hardware side - call me to:
  • Perform a system tune-up and check.
  • Migrate your information and tools from an older Mac onto that shiny new one you just bought
  • Set up a new printer, scanner, all-in-one device
  • Sync your iPod to you Mac
  • Match your iPhone up to share information with your Mac
  • Help you master your new iPad
  • Install the latest ePrinter to print from anywhere in the world using your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Blackberry
  • Upgrade your operating system and/or applications
  • Add a new MacTV to your system
  • Get rid of all those cables - go wireless with a WIFI network and a bevy of Bluetooth devices
  • Carry away and recycle that old system hiding in the back of the closet

Here's the take-away: There's a lot of features and tools you can use with your Mac to make your life easier and more robust. Just make that call to Matt Helps Macs for the best in personal Mac tutoring.